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Digital Image Links for Maine's Odonates

These links lead to photographic or scanned images published on the internet by Blair Nikula, Stuart Tingley, Robert Behrstock, Nick Donnelly, Jeremiah Trimble, James Lasswell, Dennis Paulson, John Acorn, Jackie Sones, Forrest Mitchell, Pat Sutton, Doug Ellis, Jochen Muller, Billie Bessey, and David Westover.  Credit for these remarkable images belongs solely to those authors.  In some cases, where images of females were unavailable, a link to an image of a pair is provided.  In those cases where distinct dimorphism within a single sex exists, links to images of both morphs have been provided when available.

Suborder ZYGOPTERA – Damselflies

Family CALOPTERYGIDAE - Jewelwings
Calopteryx aequabilis
- River Jewelwing male female
Calopteryx amata - Superb Jewelwing male female
Calopteryx maculata
- Ebony Jewelwing male female
Hetaerina americana - American Rubyspot male female 

Family LESTIDAE - Spreadwings
Lestes congener - Spotted Spreadwing male female
Lestes disjunctus disjunctus
- Northern Spreadwing male female
Lestes disjunctus australis - Southern Spreadwing male female
Lestes dryas - Emerald Spreadwing male female
Lestes eurinus - Amber-winged Spreadwing male female
Lestes forcipatus
- Sweetflag Spreadwing male female
Lestes inaequalis - Elegant Spreadwing male female
Lestes rectangularis - Slender Spreadwing male female
Lestes unguiculatus - Lyre-tipped Spreadwing male female
Lestes vigilax - Swamp Spreadwing  male female

Family COENAGRIONIDAE - Pond Damsels
Amphiagrion saucium
- Eastern Red Damsel male female
Argia fumipennis violacea - Violet Dancer male female
Argia moesta - Powdered Dancer male female
Argia translata - Dusky Dancer  male female
Enallagma annexum
- Northern Bluet male female
Chromagrion conditum
- Aurora Damsel male female
Coenagrion interrogatum - Subarctic Bluet male female
Coenagrion resolutum - Taiga Bluet male female(andromorphic) female(gynomorphic)
Enallagma aspersum - Azure Bluet male female
Enallagma boreale - Boreal Bluet male female
Enallagma carunculatum - Tule Bluet male female
Enallagma civile - Familiar Bluet male female
Enallagma vernale - Springtime Bluet male female
Enallagma divagans - Turquoise Bluet male female
Enallagma durum - Big Bluet  male female
Enallagma ebrium - Marsh Bluet male female
Enallagma exsulans
- Stream Bluet male female
Enallagma geminatum - Skimming Bluet male female
Enallagma hageni – Hagen’s Bluet male female
Enallagma laterale
- New England Bluet male female
Enallagma minusculum - Little Bluet male female
Enallagma pictum - Scarlet Bluet male female
Enallagma signatum - Orange Bluet male female
Enallagma vesperum - Vesper Bluet male female
Ischnura hastata - Citrine Forktail male female
Ischnura kellicotti
- Lilypad Forktail male female(orange) female(blue)
Ischnura posita - Fragile Forktail male female
Ischnura ramburii - Rambur's Forktail male female
Ischnura verticalis
- Eastern Forktail male female(orange) female(blue)
Nehalennia gracilis - Sphagnum Sprite male female
Nehalennia irene - Sedge Sprite  male female

Suborder ANISOPTERA - Dragonflies

Family AESHNIDAE - Darners
Aeshna canadensis
- Canada Darner male female(androchromatic) female(heterochromatic)
Aeshna clepsydra - Mottled Darner male female
Aeshna constricta
- Lance-tipped Darner male female
Aeshna eremita - Lake Darner male female
Aeshna interrupta interrupta
- Variable Darner male female(androchromatic) female(heterochromatic)
Aeshna juncea - Sedge Darner  male female
Aeshna sitchensis
- Zigzag Darner male female
Aeshna subarctica - Subarctic Darner male female
Aeshna tuberculifera - Black-tipped Darner male female
Aeshna umbrosa umbrosa - Shadow Darner male female
Aeshna verticalis - Green-striped Darner male female
Anax junius - Common Green Darner male female
Anax longipes - Comet Darner male female
Basiaeschna janata - Springtime Darner male female
Boyeria grafiana - Ocellated Darner male female
Boyeria vinosa - Fawn Darner male female
Epiaeschna heros - Swamp Darner male female
Gomphaeschna furcillata
- Harlequin Darner male female
Nasiaeschna pentacantha - Cyrano Darner male female
Rhionaeschna mutata - Spatterdock Darner male female

Family GOMPHIDAE - Clubtails
Arigomphus furcifer
- Lilypad Clubtail male female
Arigomphus villosipes - Unicorn Clubtail male female
Dromogomphus spinosus - Black-shouldered Spinyleg male female
Gomphus abbreviatus - Spine-crowned Clubtail male female
Gomphus adelphus - Moustached Clubtail male female
Gomphus borealis - Beaverpond Clubtail male female
Gomphus descriptus
- Harpoon Clubtail male female
Gomphus exilis - Lancet Clubtail male female
Gomphus quadricolor
- Rapids Clubtail  male female
Gomphus spicatus - Dusky Clubtail male female
Gomphus vastus - Cobra Clubtail  male female
Hagenius brevistylus
- Dragonhunter male female
Lanthus parvulus - Northern Pygmy Clubtail male female
Lanthus vernalis - Single-striped Clubtail male female
Ophiogomphus anomalus
- Extra-striped Snaketail male female
Ophiogomphus aspersus - Brook Snaketail male female
Ophiogomphus carolus - Riffle Snaketail male female
Ophiogomphus colubrinus - Boreal Snaketail male female
Ophiogomphus howei - Pygmy Snaketail male female
Ophiogomphus mainensis - Maine Snaketail male female
Ophiogomphus rupinsulensis - Rusty Snaketail male female
Progomphus obscurus - Common Sanddragon male female
Stylogomphus albistylus - Eastern Least Clubtail male female
Stylurus scudderi - Zebra Clubtail  male female
Stylurus spiniceps- Arrow Clubtail male female

Family CORDULEGASTRIDAE - Spiketails
Cordulegaster diastatops
- Delta-spotted Spiketail male female
Cordulegaster maculatus - Twin-spotted Spiketail male female
Cordulegaster obliqua - Arrowhead Spiketail  male female

Family MACROMIIDAE - Cruisers
Didymops transversa
- Stream Cruiser male female
Macromia illinoiensis - Swift River Cruiser  male female

Family CORDULIIDAE - Emeralds
Cordulia shurtleffi
- American Emerald male female
Dorocordulia lepida - Petite Emerald male female
Dorocordulia libera - Racket-tailed Emerald male female
Epitheca (Tetragoneuria) canis - Beaverpond Baskettail male female
Epitheca (Tetragoneuria) cynosura
- Common Baskettail male female
Epitheca (Epicordulia) princeps - Prince Baskettail male female
Epitheca (Tetragoneuria) semiaquea  - Mantled Baskettail male female
Epitheca (Tetragoneuria) spinigera - Spiny Baskettail male female
Helocordulia uhleri – Uhler’s Sundragon male female
Neurocordulia michaeli - Broadtailed Shadowdragon male female
Neurocordulia obsoleta  - Umber Shadowdragon male female
Neurocordulia yamaskanensis - Stygian Shadowdragon male female
Somatochlora albicincta - Ringed Emerald male female
Somatochlora brevicincta - Quebec Emerald  male female
Somatochlora cingulata - Lake Emerald male female
Somatochlora elongata - Ski-tailed Emerald male female
Somatochlora forcipata - Forcipate Emerald male female
Somatochlora franklini - Delicate Emerald male female
Somatochlora incurvata  - Incurvate Emerald male female
Somatochlora kennedyi – Kennedy’s Emerald male female
Somatochlora minor - Ocellated Emerald male female
Somatochlora tenebrosa - Clamp-tipped Emerald male female
Somatochlora walshii - Brush-tipped Emerald male female
Somatochlora williamsoni – Williamson’s Emerald male female
Williamsonia fletcheri - Ebony Boghaunter male female
Williamsonia lintneri - Ringed Boghaunter male female

Family LIBELLULIDAE - Skimmers
Celithemis elisa - Calico Pennant male female
Celithemis eponina
- Halloween Pennant male female
Celithemis martha – Martha’s Pennant male female
Erythemis simplicicollis - Common Pondhawk male female
Erythrodiplax berenice - Seaside Dragonlet male female
Ladona exusta - White Corporal male female
Ladona julia - Chalk-fronted Corporal male female
Leucorrhinia frigida - Frosted Whiteface male female
Leucorrhinia glacialis - Crimson-ringed Whiteface male female
Leucorrhinia hudsonica - Hudsonian Whiteface male female
Leucorrhinia intacta - Dot-tailed Whiteface male female
Leucorrhinia patricia - Canada Whiteface  male female
Leucorrhinia proxima - Belted Whiteface male female
Libellula cyanea - Spangled Skimmer male female
Libellula incesta
- Slaty Skimmer male female
Libellula luctuosa
- Widow Skimmer male female
Libellula needhami - Needham's Skimmer  male female
Libellula pulchella
- Twelve-spotted Skimmer male female
Libellula quadrimaculata - Four-spotted Skimmer male female
Libellula semifasciata
- Painted Skimmer male female
Nannothemis bella - Elfin Skimmer male female
Pachydiplax longipennis - Blue Dasher male female
Pantala flavescens - Wandering Glider male female
Pantala hymenaea - Spot-winged Glider male female
Perithemis tenera
- Eastern Amberwing male female
Plathemis lydia - Common Whitetail male female
Sympetrum corruptum  - Variegated Meadowhawk male female
Sympetrum costiferum - Saffron-winged Meadowhawk male female
Sympetrum danae - Black Meadowhawk male female
Sympetrum internum - Cherry-faced Meadowhawk male female
Sympetrum janeae - Jane's Meadowhawk male female
Sympetrum obtrusum
- White-faced Meadowhawk male female
Sympetrum rubicundulum - Ruby Meadowhawk male female
Sympetrum semicinctum - Band-winged Meadowhawk male female
Sympetrum vicinum - Autumn Meadowhawk male female
Tramea carolina - Carolina Saddlebags male female
Tramea lacerata  - Black Saddlebags  male female

All species included in this list are reported for Maine in Brunelle (1999) except those (indicated in red) collected from 1999-2002 including: Argia translata (collected by Ron Butler), Enallagma pictum (collected by Andrew Brand), Ischnura ramburii (collected by Dave Potter), Aeshna juncea (collected by Paul Brunelle), Anax longipes (visual ID by Paul Brunelle and Blair Nikula), Stylurus spiniceps (collected by Michael Veit), Somatochlora brevicincta (collected by Jeremiah Trimble), Leucorrhinia patrica (collected by Phillip deMaynadier), Libellula needhami (collected by Dennis Paulson), and Tramea lacerata (collected by Dennis Paulson).

Brunelle, P.M. 1999. Distribution of damselflies and dragonflies Odonata) of Maine, United States. Northeastern Naturalist 6(1):35-38.

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